Now WT is six

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Yesterday you ran down to my home office, excited about a stop-motion Lego movie you were making upstairs, and blurted out that when “we put it on YouTube,” people would see it and say “that’s pretty cool, because the guy who made it is still kind of little.” I hope to shield you from YouTube commenters for as long as possible, Thomas, even though you’re slightly less little today than you were yesterday.

Happy birthday, buddy. It’s been a great year, and you’re not just “pretty cool” in your age group; you’re a strong contender overall. Here are just a few of my favorite memories from your time as a five-year-old.

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My favorite five-year-old

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The little alpiner

Happy birthday, buddy. Dad loves you. You did a lot of cool stuff in the last year: you’ve been a great big brother to your sister, you’re getting a lot better at swimming and riding your bike, you did a really awesome job in plays and talent shows at school and church, and your overwhelming interest in the fictional universe of the Super Mario Bros. series of video games has finally waned ever so slightly. (To be fair, it’s been replaced by a similar interest in Star Wars, Pixar, and Tron.)

You started making jokes, too. All the time. Your first attempts got the structure (for example, of a knock-knock joke) right but didn’t make a lot of sense, but by Thanksgiving, you were dropping metalevel-obliterating gems like “Yo ‘sup dawg, I heard you like turkey sandwiches so I put a turkey sandwich in your turkey sandwich so you can gobble gobble while you gobble.” I’m amazed you even get that joke!

Some of my favorite memories of you in the last year are your plans for future residential arrangements; your insistence on “dad music” at bedtime; your careful and passionate argument, presented in full volume in our local REI to the delight of everyone around, that I should buy you a 700c road bike right now “so that [you] could use it when [you were] 6;” and your delight in fishing.

In particular, I’ll always remember the time I took you fishing on your grandparents’ dock last summer. I took you down there, rigged up and baited your rod, and cast out for you. We were probably there for five minutes when you told me “OK, Dad, I’m done fishing now.” I was a little annoyed, but I kept it to myself — after all, it had taken me about half that long to set up your rod. But as I was packing up our stuff and heading back to the house with you, you turned to me, gave me a huge hug, and said “Thanks for taking me fishing, Dad! I had so much fun!”

Me too, buddy. I’m looking forward to the adventures we’ll have together in the next year.

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