Chickens and doctors

June 11th, 2009  |  Tags: , , , ,  |  2 Comments

I’ve noticed many cars here in scenic Madison, WI featuring a bumper sticker saying “A woman voting for McCain is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.” While I think it’s probably time for the drivers of these cars to “move on” from the 2008 presidential election (or move to Arizona before 2010), I do appreciate their willingness to shine a bright light on Sen. McCain’s terrible and grossly underreported woman–frying activities. Thanks, hippies!

In an unrelated story, I note that the American Medical Association has issued a statement opposing government-run insurance plans. Smarter people than I have constructed arguments as to why we should side with the doctors over the bureaucrats, but I’ll just say this: as someone who would probably be dead at least twice over if he’d been born in Ottawa instead of Minneapolis — and who wants his 401k returns to continue to beat inflation — I’m glad to see some pushback against the McDonalds-in-the-cafeteria promises made by the advocates of this constellation of absurd ideas.