Financial crisis timeline

June 25th, 2009  |  Tags: , , ,  |  Leave a comment

When I was a kid, my dad made me a timeline on the plastic roller shades in my room. It seemed unbelievably broad to me, and covered among other things Biblical figures and events; major works of literature; the prominence of various kingdoms, dynasties, and tribes; the lifetimes of composers, authors, scientists, and theologians; and so on all the way through to the discovery of the double helix and the race to space. Since then, I’ve been fascinated by timelines: a good timeline can make sense of a vast amount of data and present a forceful argument. So I was delighted to see a timeline covering the recent global financial collapse, courtesy of the New York Fed (pdf link); here’s a small taste:


Each page covers Fed policy actions, market events, and other policy actions in a quarter; each event is hyperlinked to an explanation; and the timeline is updated every month.

(via the Atlantic‘s business blog)