I tacked a 15-mile detour onto my 3.5-mile commute home in honor of yesterday’s dailyshoot assignment ("Make a photo that represents your mode of transportation today.") You can tell by looking at the chainrings that my mode of transportation is probably sad that I primarily use it on roads and paved trails.

    Click the photo for the flickr page with more sizes (I recommend the larger ones to see chain detail), metadata, and flash nerd info.


    Crystal shot glass

    I took this picture for Daily Shoot #161, which suggested making a photo with side lighting. The etched crystal worked pretty well. (Click on the photo for its flickr page, with links to larger versions.)



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Too little of a good thing

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Integrated circuit

I think I may have uncovered the point at which “shallow depth-of-field” becomes “too shallow depth-of-field.” Yow.

S’mores and strobes

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S’mores, originally uploaded by willbenton.

This is my entry for assignment 2 in Strobist Boot Camp 2. Click on the photo for the flickr page, with links to different sizes and lighting details.


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One of the finest achievements of western art is Bach’s d minor Partita for solo violin (BWV 1004); in particular, the Chaconne is technically dazzling, emotionally loaded, and sublime. (For a fun middlebrow musicological excursus on the piece and its relation to German chorales, check out the Hilliard Ensemble’s amazing Morimur album — but be sure to get it on a physical disc; the liner notes explain the project and are spectacular.)

Below are a few beats of Antonio Sinopoli’s guitar transcription of the Chaconne. Unlike Segovia’s famous and idiosyncratic arrangement, Sinopoli eschews scordatura and transposes to e minor; he is otherwise far more faithful to the original. The score I have was published by Ricordi Buenos Aires; it identifies the piece as “Chacona” and the author as “Juan S. Bach” (!)


RIYL: Music for the rest of your life.


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Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair


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Today I had the chance to take another picture of a very small thing. I’m mostly happy with this even in spite of somewhat hazardous conditions. Most notably, WT was always trying to move the bug; you can see evidence of his interloping — little flecks of FieldTurf left over from this morning’s trip to Keva — if you view full-size. (You can also see that I’m front-focused by almost the width of the bug.)

Small parts and small change

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The latter is cropped; I suppose that’s technically cheating. These were taken with the Canon 50/1.8 and the Canon 250D close-up lens. I diffused my flash through an Omni-Bounce and reflected it off of a paper plate.

small parts

small change


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