Abandoning common sense

February 14th, 2012  |  Tags: , ,  |  Leave a comment

I was in the “sports nutrition and quackery” aisle at Target last night buying Kind bars and was dismayed to notice that the “hCG diet” craze has apparently made its way out of email spam and on to store shelves. Certainly, the desire for weight loss often causes people to abandon common sense, but I can think of few things I would want in my bloodstream less, even if we’re merely talking about some proteins that mimic it.

Chickens and doctors

June 11th, 2009  |  Tags: , , , ,  |  2 Comments

I’ve noticed many cars here in scenic Madison, WI featuring a bumper sticker saying “A woman voting for McCain is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.” While I think it’s probably time for the drivers of these cars to “move on” from the 2008 presidential election (or move to Arizona before 2010), I do appreciate their willingness to shine a bright light on Sen. McCain’s terrible and grossly underreported woman–frying activities. Thanks, hippies!

In an unrelated story, I note that the American Medical Association has issued a statement opposing government-run insurance plans. Smarter people than I have constructed arguments as to why we should side with the doctors over the bureaucrats, but I’ll just say this: as someone who would probably be dead at least twice over if he’d been born in Ottawa instead of Minneapolis — and who wants his 401k returns to continue to beat inflation — I’m glad to see some pushback against the McDonalds-in-the-cafeteria promises made by the advocates of this constellation of absurd ideas.