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I’ve added “asides,” à la I was going to come up with a clever name for my “asides” category. However, it is extremely appealing that “aside” could (with some stretching) be seen as a play on the b-side, so I’m sticking with it. (I chose “b-side” as a nod to the “b-side” of a 45 RPM single; a lesser-known song that was paired with a hit.) The b-side is where I’ll be putting one-liners: links that require little explanation. The “asides,” on the other hand, will be those posts that are more link-oriented than regular posts, but not trivial enough to fit on the sidebar. Asides will have a light blue background, and will be marked with a . In addition, asides are open to comments; I don’t have this capability for b-side links.

De Forest, WI

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The whole backstory will have to wait for my triumphant return from a weekend road-trip. However, I feel it is in the best interests of America if I point out as soon as possible that the following statue is RIGHT OFF THE INTERSTATE in De Forest, WI (ca. 25 miles west of Madison).

I’m currently listening to Sarabande from the album “J.S. Bach: The Six Partitas (I)” by Joao Carlos Martins

upgraded WordPress

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I upgraded WordPress last night. Apparently there is some potential security exploit in the 0.7x series I was running. It didn’t look like my installation was vulnerable, but I was getting exploit attempts, so I figured it was a good excuse to upgrade.

My CSS-fu is so weak that I was unable to adapt the WordPress 1.0 template to my old style (the kerning was all wacky on the fonts), so I found a new style that I liked and hacked it up (probably making it worse in the process.)

For comparison (and for my RSS-only readers!), here’s the old style — you can click on the thumbnail for a larger view:

…and the new style:

It will be a little while before I can get features like the b-side working again, but there is apparently a much less painful upgrade path for modified versions of WordPress now — there’s a well-defined place to put user “hacks.” Also, the current WP supports trendy Apache mod_rewrite chicanery, so the permanent link URL for this post is sensible: instead of something lame and unmemorable like

Of course, comments on the new layout are welcome.

Update: I’ve changed the color scheme and (more-or-less) fixed the b-side

The most useful warning sign ever

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I’m currently listening to Richard Strauss: Zueignung by Will Benton

November Zeitgeist

December 2nd, 2003  |  Tags:  |  1 Comment

Here are the top 20 search strings that led people to last month:

  1. “treadclimber”
  2. “stephen valleskey”
  3. “alvin plantinga”
  4. “bw3 corporate”
  5. “comments on treadclimber”
  6. “definition self defeating prophecy”
  7. “dudleian”
  8. “elca weblog”
  9. “free morimur”
  10. “lex orandi lex credendi”
  11. “man raped by banana”
  12. “panther emacs”
  13. “pictures at an exhibition orchestration”
  14. “ti alpiner music”
  15. “alpiner music”
  16. “bach herzlich tut translation”
  17. “bach matthew passion partition free”
  18. “bach transcriptions free”
  19. “befiehl du deine wege”
  20. “blog glasses optometrist lenses”

Hey, I even have something relevant for a few of those!

my contribution to your procrastination

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Behold: bound variable. It’s sort of like the B-side to this catchy tune, or something.

future Onion article

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Just exchanged some email with Ben (of “so 1994” fame), and came up with this potential future Onion article by way of explaining my pretentious preliminary prose:

“My Self-Conscious Justification For Having A Pointless Vanity Weblog Is Much Less Lame Than Most Self-Conscious Justifications For Having A Pointless Vanity Weblog”, by Larry Groznic (the Onion‘s answer to the Comic Book Guy)

I bet I could construct an Onion-style mad-libs template for that pretty quickly.

raison d’être

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Ludwig Wittgenstein, in the remarks collected in Culture and Value, quotes his friend Paul Engelmann:

Engelmann told me that when he rummages round at home in a drawer full of his own manuscripts, they strike him as so splendid that he thinks it would be worth making them available to other people [….] But when he imagines publishing a selection of them the whole business loses its charm and value and becomes impossible [….] When E. looks at what he has written and finds it marvellous (even though he would not care to publish any of the pieces individually), he is seeing his life as a work of art created by God and, as such, it is certainly worth contemplating, as is every life and everything whatever. But only an artist can so represent an individual thing as to make it appear to us like a work of art; it is right that those manuscripts should lose their value when looked at singly and especially when regarded disinterestedly, i.e. by someone who doesn’t feel enthusiastic about them in advance. […] In the absence of art, the object is just a fragment of nature like any other; we may exalt it through our enthusiasm, but that doesn’t give anyone else the right to confront us with it.

I’ve kept a personal journal for some time, with my thoughts about my life, philosophy, theology, and computer science. (Predictably, my Nachlass is somewhat inferior to Wittgenstein’s.) This is not such a journal; rather, it is intended to be a collection of annotated links to things I find worthwhile and that I assume someone else will as well, a collection of potentially thought-provoking quotes presented in an aggravatingly “proof-texting” manner, and a collection of half-baked pub-style arguments that one might find interesting (especially if one is “enthusiastic” about the topic discussed).

A good friend who has a much more attractive public internet presence than I has accused every web page associated with me since 1997 or so as being “so 1994” (cf. my work web page). Hopefully, with my ultra-passé use of CSS and trendy fonts, this design is closer to “so 1999”.