Multicore Erlang

January 28th, 2009  |  Tags: , , , , , , ,  |  Leave a comment

I was glad to see Ulf Wiger’s slides and talk from his DAMP 2009 tutorial on Erlang programming for multicore processors. I would have been very interested in attending DAMP, but it conflicted with the last day of VMCAI (and thus with my paper), so I wasn’t able to go in person.

Pragmatic [REDACTED]

July 23rd, 2008  |  Tags: , , , , ,  |  Leave a comment

I suppose this is why the Core Animation book I pre-ordered from Amazon in March remains unshipped a week after its expected release date and why Amazon sent me a panicked “we have no idea when this will ship — do you still want it?” message.

In cheerier Pragmatic Programmers news, I watched some of their Erlang screencasts on a recent plane trip and am glad to endorse them. They’re certainly not a substitute for Armstrong’s excellent Erlang book, but they’re a nice taste of some very cool features of the language. I learned of these via DF, whose one-sentence summary of Pragmatic’s products hits everything I love and loathe about them. (Seriously, Bookman makes my skin crawl, and it’s only the beginning.)

(Confidential to readers who appreciate the idea of evaluating technical books on both content and typography: have I got a treat for you, and soon!)