Mildly awesome t-shirt

February 9th, 2006  |  Tags:  |  Leave a comment

This t-shirt is mildly awesome, but this one is five-alarm awesome. (1986 was an awfully good year.) Unfortunately, I can’t imagine where could a normal human wear either of those without being assaulted by a bunch of unwashed, polyhedral-dice-wielding Slashdot readers.

More music gadgetblogging

February 24th, 2005  |  Tags: ,  |  Leave a comment

Perhaps this only bolsters Andrea’s assertions about my gadgetophilia, but I feel absolutely obligated to point out the following: a poster on alleges that you can use this device to send MIDI messages.

(The fact that I don’t feel this needs any additional explanation to be compelling is probably damning evidence of something: excessive nerdery, at the very least.)

Holy buckets, I think I need to become one of those “live laptop techno” types, complete with über-futuristic electronic glove. Frankly, at $25, it’s a testament to my temperance and the utter reasonableness of my so-called gadget “obsession” that I haven’t already bought one for each hand.