Iced coffee notes

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Iced coffee

Marco Arment’s Aeropress iced coffee technique has my total endorsement.

I usually prepare hot espresso drinks even in the most ridiculous parts of summer and have never cared for typical iced coffee, but this is different. I have enjoyed a few small glasses over the last two days, mixed at about a 2:3 ratio of coffee concentrate to whole milk. (I did invert the Aeropress while preparing the concentrate, contrary to Arment’s suggestion.) As a bonus, drinking what is essentially a small caffĂ© macchiato out of a rocks glass instantly makes one’s afternoon appear slightly more like a scene from The Big Lebowski.

Bad things happen to people who don’t drink coffee

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Bad things happen to people who don’t drink coffee in these brief and surreal Jim Henson-designed TV ads from the late 1950s. Specifically, they happen at the hands of a misanthropic proto-Kermit the Frog figure, who commits acts of increasingly elaborate violence to shill for DC-based Wilkins Coffee: