A benediction

October 24th, 2008  |  Tags:  |  2 Comments

Benedic, Domine, hunc potum, et haec vasa sicut benedixisti sex ydrias
lapideas capientes metretas binas vel ternas, et vinum factum de aqua in
Chana Galileae, sic benedicere digneris cervisam istam, ut sint sani et
inmaculati omnes qui ex eo bibituri sunt, per invocationem nominis tui,
Domine, qui regnas in saecula.

It’s an eighth-century “blessing to purify beer in which a mouse or weasel has drowned” from Egbert’s Pontifical. I suppose I am thankful that I’ve never had occasion for such a prayer.

(source here, via Andrea)

Tejas Brownie

July 16th, 2008  |  Tags: , ,  |  1 Comment

An infamous regular correspondent of this site has long advocated combining beer and cake. If you’re not already revolted by the very prospect, you may appreciate a new recipe I’ve devised for when one is interested in this combination but no cake is available:

Tejas Brownie


Mix gently 4 parts cold dark beer and 1 part chilled creme de cacao. Pour four or five ounces into each of several small tumblers and serve immediately, before you or your guests have time to fully consider the prospect of drinking a beverage inspired by beer and cake.