Military Ridge State Trail, near Mt. Horeb, WI; click for full image.

About this site

This site contains links and short articles about things I’m interested in, including computer science, popular computing, analytic philosophy, art music, Lutheran theology, and design. The tone is informal and the topics may be of ephemeral interest; I will typically post more serious articles to my main personal web page or to my work-related blog. Bibliographic information for some of my scholarly and technical papers is available via DBLP. I also take pictures, publish open-source software, and (occasionally) record music.

I have published this since August 2003, with a hiatus from mid-July 2007 to late March 2008. The opinions I express on this site are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer. (Please also note the comments policy below.)

About comments

This site is configured to allow visitors to share their comments on posts by default. I reserve the right to delete abusive, obscene, defamatory or egregiously off-topic contents, including any spam comments. However, visitor comments reflect the views of their authors alone, and the fact that I have not deleted a particular comment does not imply my endorsement of the views expressed in that comment.

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