Simpler cue sheets

March 31st, 2012  |  Tags: ,

I can’t possibly be the first person to have had this idea. With that said, I like it a lot:

cue sheet on phone lock screen

As for the ride itself, it was overcast and certainly too cold to refrain from second-guessing wardrobe choices. (Bibs and knee warmers: bad idea. Shorts without knee warmers: worse idea.) Even so, we were doing pretty well until we hit Mt. Horeb and a thick fog rolled in. Just a couple of miles north of town, we were blind beyond about 100m, which seemed like unnecessarily bad odds for us given the size of the shoulders and the speed of traffic.

So we went back to town under rapidly-increasing fog cover and surveyed our options for a few minutes. We considered going to the Grumpy Troll and trying to wait for some sun, but it was before 9 AM and neither of us had any cash. We considered calling Andrea and begging for a ride, but that seemed too pitiful. Anyway, if you were wondering whether it is possible to ride the Military Ridge State Trail from Mt. Horeb to Madison on road bikes with 20 spoke rims and 700×23 tires, the answer is “yes, but only slowly.” (For out-of-towners, this is about 20 miles on crushed limestone and dirt.) I probably wouldn’t do it by choice, but it’s always fun to ride that trail and I don’t think my wheels are too far out of true. And — as an unexpected bonus — I’m pretty sure I can speak Flemish now.