Misinterpretations of user-interface freedom

March 29th, 2011  |  Tags: ,

This gallery of hideous screenshots of mobile devices might make one nostalgic for 1997-vintage galleries of “WinAmp skins” or “Enlightenment themes.”1 In fact, it’s actually like some of those old screenshots were placed in suspended animation and reconstituted as 480×800 JPEGs with wireless carrier information: the anachronistic speculative-fiction movie references (“my phone is, like, in The Matrix, dude”), the Star Trek-inspired UI chrome, and the gratuitous misogyny all recall an era when the only thing nerds demanded from a computing platform was unfettered freedom to make their devices look as ludicrous as possible.

(Link via DF; see also more on the “misinterpretations of freedom.”)

1 Amazingly, both of those links are current: not only can you still download both WinAmp and Enlightenment, but people are still apparently furiously “theming” both.