The data buffet

June 2nd, 2010  |  Tags: , ,

I’m glad to see that I will have the option to cease subsidizing the heaviest 2% of data users on AT&T’s network. If you would have asked me two years ago — before I got a phone that I actually wanted to use on the internet — I would have regarded a bandwidth cap as anathema, a step backwards even from the endless nickel-and-diming I experienced on Verizon’s data network.

But since getting such a phone — and, so I thought, using its data capabilities fairly heavily — I have never used more than 200 megabytes of cell network data in a month; Andrea has never used more than 100 megabytes. In the last seven months (charted below from my online AT&T bill), I haven’t even come that close to 200 megabytes, If we choose to switch from “unlimited” bandwidth to the new AT&T plans, we will save $30 per month. (We also have 2.5 days of “rollover minutes” for voice, but I suspect that we will have to continue to subsidize heavy voice users to some extent.)