Christmas presence

December 26th, 2009  |  Tags: , ,  |  2 Comments

I bought myself a fast medium-telephoto prime this year, and got it roughly in the “early Christmas present” timeframe. As it turns out, I was able to use this lens to capture an image of Thomas examining a far more exciting gift that our family received on Christmas Day:

Thomas and Maggie

Margrethe Ruth (aka “Maggie”) was born at 12:50 PM on Christmas Day. We are delighted to have another birth to commemorate on this day and thankful for a healthy mother, a healthy child, and a complication-free birth — indeed, one whose apparent effortlessness amazed several trained, impartial observers. (There are some more photos of Maggie on flickr — and yes, I did use a Bogen tabletop tripod as an impromptu hospital-room strobe stand.)

We didn’t expect Maggie to arrive on Christmas, so there were a couple of things we hadn’t planned for surrounding the day. We were glad to hear part of Schütz’s excellent Christmas Vespers on the Sirius classical station on the way to the hospital; a chance to hear early Baroque concert music is always a welcome surprise, and I especially love Schütz. On the other hand, I was rather less enthusiastic about the utter impossibility of finding some place to order a burger after Maggie was born.

Happy Christmas, all.