Syndication lament redux

June 10th, 2009  |  Tags: , , ,

Here’s some exciting news from Brent Simmons that may signal the end of my syndication lament. Being able to use Google Reader’s web interface when I need a web interface and NetNewsWire’s application interface on my Mac sounds almost perfect — although mediocre sync performance could kill the utility of Google Reader syncing, as it does with NewsGator sync. (It’s not clear whether syncing with NewsGator is slow, whether NewsGator simply is slow in processing new items, or both. But one very nice thing about Google Reader is that it seems to lag very little when compared to NewsGator.)

In another update to the original syndication lament, the newest version of Byline is much better overall (certainly more stable) than prior versions, although it still takes ages to sync and regularly forgets that it has done so.