February 27th, 2007  |  Tags:

John Wiseman has a great post on egg grading that I’ve been meaning to link to. He quotes the USDA Egg-Grading Manual:

For many years, consumers in some areas of the country have preferred white eggs, believing, perhaps, that the quality is better than that of brown eggs. In other areas, consumers have preferred brown eggs, believing they have greater food value. These opinions do not have any basis in fact, but it is recognized that brown eggs are more difficult to classify as to interior quality than are white eggs.

Can you guess which “areas of the country” are which? I have a pretty good idea, I think. Personally, I prefer brown eggs, but not because of any perceived food value (although, perhaps notably, the grocery store brand cage-free eggs are only available in brown) — it’s just easier to see when you’ve dropped a piece of brown shell in the bowl.