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August 21st, 2006  |  Tags:

Site notes

Some change at my web host has caused all of my redirection links (i.e. those ones) to cease working. I’m going to try and fix it soon. You may have noticed that I changed the theme a bit — now, you can see recent comments on the right. So if you ever experience a shortage of tirades from baton-twirlers with poor reading comprehension or bartering offers from Japanese-whisky enthusiasts with poorer reading comprehension, you’re in luck. (Note that I am referring to proponents of Japanese whisky, not to Japanese proponents of whisky; also note that, as of today, this site is the #3 Google hit for “Nikka whisky.”)

The “latest photos” are temporarily gone while I rework my photolog to use Gallery. The old photolog will remain accessible at Of course, since the majority of my recent exposures are strictly of WT, you can see the latest kid pictures on my flickr photostream.

Analogy neutrality

The EFF’s Mike Godwin has a nice analogy for net neutrality: taxi service in NYC. Of course, everyone knows that phone companies are worse than the Nazis.

1999 vs. 2006

It’s probably time to update the infamous waterskiing photo:

Skiing, 1999
Skiing, 2006

Well, at least the incompetent fellow has his youth (and most of his hair).