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April 10th, 2006  |  Tags: ,

McGrath contra Dennett

Alister McGrath is one of my intellectual heroes. Last month, Prof. McGrath gave a speech to the Royal Society of Arts concerning Daniel Dennett’s new book about religion. The text of the speech is available as a PDF and is well-worth reading. As usual, McGrath is respectful of his opponents and remains particularly skilled at diagnosing rhetorical chicanery. (One hopes that the stupid “meme” concept will die soon.)

More on the “Gospel of Judas”

Mollie Ziegler at GetReligion has issued a delightful tirade about the “Gospel of Judas” non-story story. (Just as I’d hoped!) Richard John Neuhaus, writing at the First Things blog, treats the story from a framework of what he identifies as a broader pattern of stories — apparently timed to the church year — that seek to debunk traditional Christianity.

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