In another possible world

February 15th, 2006  |  Tags: ,

This isn’t going on because it’s more of a curiosity than a song; furthermore, it demands far too much explanation.

Burr Settles posted a nice review of the 2005 FAWM compilation CD (“14 songs in 28 days”) from WI music magazine Rick’s Cafe. The CD is great, and you can support FAWM by buying a copy from their site.

I (as madcap ontic) had a song on the compilation called “An exciting film.” It was a very simple (albeit sort of catchy) electronic pop song; the reviewer was very kind to compare it to Orbital.

In the run-up to getting final tracks to Burr for the CD, I was working hard on improving my production and getting a bit tired of the song in the process. I tweaked a bit (you can hear some results) and even reworked the whole track from scratch several times. (I eventually hired Colin Fairbairn to bring a professional and objective ear to the mix.)

One of my ultimately-futile reworkings is the subject of this post. The file linked below is cliche-ridden, overcompressed, and hilarious. However, I think it adequately illustrates the depths of my audio-related despair when working on “An exciting film” last summer. (Of course, it was a lot of fun to try and hit so many genre conventions in a short piece of music.)

I present for your entertainment and amusement: An Exciting Film (excerpt of incomplete, rough 12″ dance mix)