Milestones and burgers

March 8th, 2005  |  Tags: ,  |  1 Comment

I quietly posted my 500th blog entry last week, which was a b-side link to this absurd knife block. A more heartwarming blog-related milestone would relate to suppression — rather than propagation — of worthless content, and I’m happy to provide one of those as well: the spam-deletion plugin has nuked over 3700 spam comments since I installed it three weeks ago. Take that, “online texas holdem,” “milf viagra,” and “tramadol!” Now all I need is a decent way to rid the site of “referer” [sic] spam. (Honestly, I don’t even know what some of the words in these referring site addresses mean, but they can’t be good.)

I turned the annual odometer over this weekend, and we had a great party. I’ve been going “lower effort” on birthday food since the “individual pizza” fiasco of 2001, in which I was manning the grill until about 11 pm. This year, I sponsored a “brat fry” in an effort to capitalize on Wisconsin-kitsch local color and minimize the amount of time I would have to spend preparing food. (Thanks to Allison and Tiffany for each bringing delightful cakes!)

I remembered that I had planned to publish some burger recipes last year (when we threw a hamburger-themed party); since I didn’t do it then, a favorite is below, in handy snip-and-save format.

Die Burgermeister von Nürnberg


This presupposes that you have a preferred way of turning ground beef into a hamburger. I do, and I may publish it someday. I should probably also share my recipe for cooked red cabbage!

  • one hamburger and bun (or rye bread)
  • prepared cooked red cabbage
  • lingonberry preserves
  • cream cheese
  • brown mustard, thinly-sliced onions and pickles to taste

I put the cream cheese on the bottom bun half, followed by lingonberries, onions, and pickles. The mustard goes on the top half of the bun, and the cabbage goes on top of the burger. Enjoy with a glass of hefeweizen and a little Hans Sachs on the hi-fi.