Twirling redux; pop culture observation

January 12th, 2005  |  Tags: ,  |  1 Comment

An emailer asserts that my earlier comments on baton-twirling were unfair:

Baton twirlers-always a bad rap. They take baton, dance and gymnastics for years, all they want to do is compete, perform and eventually twirl for a college and everyone makes fun of them. Only a couple in the country get scholarships for what they do and most pay for their own costumes. They work hard at what they do. Are they doing any harm?

I can’t deny that baton-twirling in a halftime show requires an uncommon constellation of finely-honed talents, but the genesis of this tradition is still baffling to me. That’s all.

Sony Pictures is releasing a PG-rated children’s movie starring Ice Cube. Yeah, that’s not a totally stupid idea. I’ve always thought that Next Friday would be great as an after-school special.