January 3rd, 2005  |  Tags:

In no particular order:

  1. Remain informed about world events without frothing or obsessing. If this means subscribing to a dead-trees news source and not getting any “real” news from the internet, so be it.
  2. Cease allowing televised sporting events to affect blood pressure, pulse, or frequency of profane/malicious utterances.
  3. Read more, read more slowly, and take better notes. (This applies to all reading materials.)
  4. Prepare (or purchase) more interesting, healthier food. Eat at dining room table, conversing with Andrea, instead of on couch in front of television.
  5. Unsubscribe from any RSS or Atom syndication feed that doesn’t offer full articles; with very few exceptions, I don’t have the time to decide if an article is worth reading from a thirteen-word excerpt, and excerpt-laden feeds are extremely unfriendly to offline reading.
  6. Watch at least one good movie and one bad movie every month.
  7. Improve frequency and quality of personal correspondence with friends and family.
  8. Get things done.

I’m currently listening to Ciaccona from the album “Morimur” by The Hilliard Ensemble/Christopher Poppen/J. S. Bach