Flirting with disaster

January 12th, 2005  |  Tags:  |  2 Comments

We had Tiffany and Josh over for dinner last night. In keeping with resolution 4, I tried to prepare interesting food — and, to cast myself against type, I tried to have everything ready when they arrived. I think I succeeded on all counts.

I made one of my favorite all-Joy of Cooking menus: penne alla vodka, milk-braised pork, and sautéed broccoli with chile peppers and garlic. (Some readers will be happy to know that I managed to avoid the disaster that occurred the last time I prepared this menu.) This is a great menu of simple dishes with subtle flavors — the pork takes about three hours, but everything else cooks in under twenty minutes. If you don’t have the Joy of Cooking handy, try this pork recipe, this penne alla vodka recipe (perhaps add some diced onion or shredded basil), and use your imagination for the broccoli.

I had planned to post some food photos, but none of the shots I got last night turned out particularly well. If food photography is unappetizing, what good is it? Fortunately, Tiffany brought challah, which was tasty and photogenic. (They also brought, but did not photograph, tasty cookies.)