German chocolate cake

December 16th, 2004  |  Tags:  |  3 Comments

I made a German chocolate cake tonight for some shindig that Andrea is throwing down tomorrow; here’s a grainy picture:

Clearly, my icing skills still need some work. (The state of my icing/glazing ability is a particular thorn in my side when making Sachertorte.) The Joy of Cooking informs me that German chocolate cake has nothing to do with the much-maligned northern European nation; rather, it is an American dessert named after a confectioner named German. His primary claim to fame in his day was sweetened baking chocolate; now, I guess it would be that chocolate’s application in the eponymous cake.

The etymological trivia was news to me, but it wouldn’t have been had I found the recipe on the internet instead of using a physical cookbook like a Luddite. Googling for “german chocolate” will produce a massive queue of sites virtually tripping over each other to explain breathlessly that the German chocolate cake is not Teutonic in the least; some “German culture” sites even argue that the dessert should really be called “German’s chocolate cake.”

I wonder if you can order a slice of German chocolate cake in Berlin? (Almost certainly, one could do so at the Hard Rock Café — “when in Germany,” right?) I can only remember three meals from my weekend in Berlin some years ago: an utterly inferior Döner Kebab, a small ice-cream cake purchased from a grocery store, and an absurdly overpriced sandwich at some pseudo-Brazilian-steakhouse. I do remember that Andrea and I, while on our way to a performance of Götterdämmerung, witnessed a man on the U-Bahn snorting some powder from a cigarette paper and then obsessively licking it clean. (That’s not the end of that story, unfortunately, but that’s where it ends for now.)

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