A triumphant (?) return to homebrewing

April 5th, 2004  |  Tags:

I haven’t started a batch of beer in about two years (due to a number of beyond-my-control constraints), but I plan to make at least one batch tonight. I’m going to start with something based on Brownie Brown Ale — a low gravity, light session beer that will mature quickly, letting me start focusing on the pleasant job of mutilating my $25-at-university-surplus-fridge to add a tap ASAP. Next up is a fairly strong American honey wheat; I got the recipe and supplies from a homebrew store in Des Moines this weekend. (It appears that the recipe is a partial mash version of this recipe.) The wheat beer is over 7% ABV and will probably need a couple of months of conditioning before it no longer tastes raw.

I will probably revisit some of the recipes I devised “back in the day” after getting back in brewing shape. I’ve made a pretty lethal imperial stout (very good after about a year of aging!), a mild brown ale with orange peel, and a creamy all-extract porter.

I’m currently listening to Braggin’ And Tryin’ Not To Lie by Roddy Radiation & The Specials from the album “The Two Tone Story (Disc 4).”